Amazing Features

We have awesome Features

We are Licensed

We are licensed in the state of Florida. You know you are choosing experience.

Professional Work

Our guys are professional and courteous before, during, and after the job.


Our work is guaranteed to be on-time. We know you have a busy schedule we will make sure you can get back to it.

Safety First

Our focus is on safety above all. That goes for you, us, and those around during the project.

Cost Effective

We are a smaller team that has a lower overhead than many other teams. That means we can under cut the other guys.

Fully Insured

Rest assured knowing that we are fully insured.

Why Choose Us

Our Promise and Values



The Wyatt Way is all about integrity in who we are and what we do. We strive to make sure we are being up front and honest to all of our customers.



We are licensed in Florida for our services. Rest at ease knowing that we are professionals who know the job and what needs to be done.



You are guaranteed to love the work we do. We do not rush to complete the job we work the job correctly and make sure to see it through to the end.



We are fully insured. We know that your home, place of work, or other dwelling is a place you want to maintain. We will make sure to keep it better than we left it. If for some reason there is an issue know that you are covered.

Our Services

We Offer Our Clients


Ground Work

We offer a wide range of ground services. We can fill holes, move earth, or dig. We have the heavy equipment to move the most stubborn of areas.


Land Clearing

Need some land cleared. We specialize in clearing land. We operate large equipment to make light work of the job.


Lawn Services

Need a lawn mowed, soded, or any other landscaping services performed. We offer that as well.


Stump Grinding

Have a pesky stump that you can't get rid of? We know that those can be eye sores and would love to help.


Tree Services

Tree trimming/removal is our specialty. We have all the gear and expertise. We can take down that big tree before it falls on something. We can trim branches to allow more sun. Whatever the need we are ready and equiped.

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